Aaron's Offshoots and Misadventures

The group meets and heads out on the first mission

Here are my notes for the evening will write actual data later, friends

Briefing at the Hilton Conference Center

Andrew Wakeland, Eris Kattan, and Lucas Faust arrive at a Hilton Hotel in Boston. Graham Carlson fumbles on about a “mission” by Delta Green. We’re to find means of travel to the small town of Worthington MA to look into the matter involving a small Russian Orthodox church. The higher-ups say there are three individuals, two men and an elderly woman, who may be involved in the grisly murder (sacrifice?) of several children —an ongoing thing if not sorted out. The police can’t be involved, there’s something strange about the case that has brought us all together from different walks of life. Delta Green says we must acquire some weapons with the serials filed off and put an end to these wicked people. We take the terms given, but we’re all confused and not necessarily willing (they will probably find ways to kill us if we don’t do what they want us to do).

The gun show

We stow ourselves onto a bus with assorted pseudonyms and make our way to a local gun outing. Graham thinks he sees the DG operative who was keeping tabs on him at his own hotel just a few days prior. While in appearance it was a similar man (black, face tattoos), it wasn’t the agent that had been following him earlier that week. Faust asks about some of Graham’s writers theories, and the two talk to pass the time through the journey. We all arrive at the event around noon or not long thereafter. The locals have gathered to carouse and to sell all sorts of firearms. Lucas, Andrew, and Eris make arrangements with a rather unenlightened brute while Graham goes to find a store in town for food and various miscellaneous items to clean up the potential murder(s) that may have to take place.

Worthington: A small, unwelcoming town

There is no bus stop at the heart of Worthington, so we arrive about 45 minutes out of town and must walk to the destination. There is a lone truck stop near the stop, but not much else. No motel has set up shop in Worthington, an associate inside the truck stop says. With little sunlight remaining, we bite the bullet and start walking to the address given to Graham by Agent Gimato.

The Thunderbird and the crows

We pass by a car for sale as the sun is setting along an old road with some sparse houses nearby. An old woman in a night gown is getting her mail, utters “peace be with you” and heads back into her house. Faust has Graham write up a bill of sale, but we intend to steal the car. We’re concerned that if we need to escape, running on foot would put us in precarious danger. Andrew and Eris note that a murder of crows has gathered just round the other side of the Thunderbird. They feed on a raccoon carcass in complete silence. Faust walks up on the crows, and they fly away in unison, one of the crows tears into Faust causing a flesh wound. The crows make no noise during all of this.

The Church Home

At twilight, we find ourselves at the Russian Orthodox church. The place has a driveway, a shack, and appears to be in bad shape —it’s boarded up and dilapidated. We take various vantage points to see if we can figure out what is going on. There are many children playing outside, none of them look well fed or properly clothed. One boy writes something on the back end of the house, seeming to make glances in our general direction. A poodle edges up around from the forest, inkling toward Faust on its belly in a sort of crawl. Graham calls the dog over to him as Faust is close to the compound and we do not want the dog to blow our cover by barking. Graham offers the poodle some jerky he bought from the store earlier. The dog gets close to Graham, takes the dried meat, and then bites him hard on the leg, causing Graham to start bleeding. The dog makes no noise throughout, and scampers off back into the woods.

Two men are at the compound, both squat and ugly looking beasts with irritable behavior. One of the men is carrying a strange object hooked up to some hair dryers, he takes this contraption into the large shed behind the church, while the other man yells at the drawing child. The child is obstinate, so the man yells at him in Russian and begins punishing him with kicks and shoves. He goes and gets a cage out of the shed which contains a ferret. To punish the child it seems, he takes the ferret out and sprays it in the eyes with bug killer, and the child is distraught. The boy kicks the man in the leg, and the man picks him up and begins to choke him. The boy seems to look our way for help, making direct eye contact —it is confirmed he knew we were there all along. We freeze, unsure of how to deal with the situation. Graham wants to help but Faust insists we gather more information before we go guns blazing. We’re all probably worried about the elderly woman who may possess strange powers…

We leave the compound after the man starts tracing the boy with a knife. We don’t stay to find out if the boy is slain, but it would seem as though the man would have done away with him.

Back to the Truck Stop

We get back into the car and go to the pit stop to gather ourselves and determine our next move.



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